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November 7, 2012
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January 15, 2013

Benefits of Reliant’s small business loans

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There are numerous benefits of small business loans through Reliant Services Group, which you may be able to receive depending on your gross sales. When compared to a normal bank, there are a number of benefits that can help things run more smoothly and quickly.

For many small businesses, liquid funds are essential to growing the business. As such, it is understandable that you need access to this money as quickly possible and it will be critical for your success. That, in part, is why things are done a little bit differently through daily payments that are flexible and fixed. There are also no restrictions on the way that you decide to use the money. In addition, there are a variety of other advantages.

 Zero Fees Up Front

Many regular banks or other loan providers find ways to charge you right away, through a variety of different fees. You may be charged document fees, for example, which are due immediately. Underwriting fees are another common source of this. Reliant will never charge upfront fees, because the last thing that you need to do when trying to free up money to run your business is to be paying fees.

Quicker Process from Application to Approval to Receipt of Money

It is our goal to get you approved and receiving funds as quickly as possible, so the process has been streamlined in order to get it moving faster. One way that this is done is through minimizing the paperwork necessary, which can save you time in filling it out and also save time on the review as well. Regular banks are looking for audited financials, cash flow information and even information about your own personal finances.

Reliant keeps this a lot simpler, only requiring recent statements and a simple application of only one page. From there, you will be provided with a simple, clear offer. Approvals can take place in as little as 24, whereas bank loans may include weeks of underwriting and take months to sort out. If everything is approved, you can receive your funding in as few as five days from the time that you applied.

Receive More Money without Collateral

Your business could be loaned as much as $300,000 for each location, which is a lot more than regular banks will lend. This is because we know that it is important for small businesses to have the proper funding in order to get off and running or to survive difficult times.

Unlike most regular banks, your home, automobile or other assets will not be involved in the loan. This means that the loan is only tied to the performance of your business, which is a welcome relief for many small business owners.